With the upcoming testing season, we know there are a lot of questions about what teachers should do when parents ask directly about refusing the tests.  As educators, we can direct parents to appropriate resources for them to become informed, and thereby make the best decision for their children. The following websites provide much needed information for parents.  When asked, please feel free to refer parents to these resources.                                     Marie Lysnadrou, WTA VOTE COPE chair


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Cuomo has NO RESPECT!

No Respect

The governor is misinformed. New York has one of the strongest public education systems in the nation and a professional, highly dedicated teaching force,” NYSUT president Karen Magee said in a statement.

“Governor Cuomo should be celebrating that excellence. Instead, today we get intellectually hollow rhetoric that misrepresents the state of teaching and learning. Students, parents and teachers, who know better, aren’t buying this agenda, which everyone knows is driven by the governor’s billionaire hedge-fund friends. The truth is, there’s no epidemic of failing schools or bad teachers.”

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