WTA Benefit Trust

The Wallkill Teachers’ Association established the Benefit Trust in February 1991 to administer benefits for its members and other eligible individuals. Its Board of Trustees consists of eight trustees, including a retired trustee. Each member of the Board is appointed for two-year terms by the WTA Representative Assembly. The Trust meets monthly at the offices of the Wallkill Teachers’ Association. The trustees are Richard Shands, Teresa Custy, Stephanie Barnes, Kathleen Winter (co-chair), Shawna Reynolds  ,  Margaret Pelosa (co-chair), Kris Boyle and Richard Leopold (retired trustee). The WTABT bookkeeper is Donna Carr. To contact the Trustees use the following email addresses:

Kwinter.wtabt@gmail.com – Mpelosa.wtabt@gmail.com
Sbarnes.wtabt@gmail.com – Rshands.wtabt@gmail.com
Tcusty.wtabt@gmail.com – Kboyle.wtabt@gmail.com
Sreynolds.wtabt@gmail.com – Rleopold.wtabt@gmail.com

Dental, Vision and Legal benefits are available to WTA members and retirees through enrollment in the WTABT. New members MUST complete and return to the WTABT a new membership enrollment form to receive Dental, Vision and Legal benefits.  All WTA members MUST update the enrollment form annually at the end of the school calendar year to continue coverage for the following school year.  Members must also report in writing changes in address, marital status and dependents to the WTA Benefit Trust. View and print the enrollment form here Annual Enrollment Update Form.

Immediately contact any WTABT trustee or your WTA building representative if you experience difficulties with services or vendors providing Dental, Vision and Legal benefits.

Note* Do not return membership enrollment forms through the WCSD interoffice mail system.
Mail membership enrollment forms only to:
WTA Benefit Trust
P.O. Box 305
Gardiner, New York 12525.

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